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Trandy Blue: I can tell you that I consider myself not just a singer but more of a storyteller. I sing songs that mean something to me and I live and breathe through the music. I don't have the best voice in the whole world but I think my passion and love for the music is what makes me good. Soul can not be taught.

Trandy Blue has performed professionally as a vocalist and guitarist along the St Croix River Valley in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for over 25 years. She is a highly accomplished and versatile musician, playing a wide variety of contemporary musical styles, radio hits ranging from rock, pop and country covers from the 1950s to recently-released music. She consistently adds new songs to her repertoire, which now comprises over 300 songs Trandy enjoys playing songs requested by the audience so each show is a unique experience dependent on the core of that particular audience. Trandy is interested in touring but is well-known in both Minnesota and Wisconsin for her soulful vocal expression and passionate performing style, whether she is singing ballads, popular dance tunes, or rock and roll classics. 
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